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Issue 12: Empty Inside

Welcome to Issue 12. Thanks again to everyone who supported our Year 3 Kickstarter. We can't say enough how much we appreciate the love and patience you have all shown us.

But you're here for fiction. Our short story for April is Jason Ridler's Rocket Ship Nirvana, a non-genre story set in the summer of 1994. It follows a teen trying to navigate her anguish over the death of Kurt Cobain, who passed away 20 years ago this month. Galen Dara has a typically wonderful piece of art to go with it. In flash fiction, we have Katie Pugh's Reborn, a sinister little tale about a mother, and Rob McMonigal's Not So Super, which shows how most of use probably would react to gaining super powers. And in Part Nine of Chuck Wendig's The Forever Endeavor, we start to see Dale's plans take shape ...

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And Year 3 is funded. Thanks to everyone! We wrap things up here.